Card Trick 27

Card Trick 27

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There IS something new in card magic even if the late George Blake thinks that a select few magicians may have kept the principle he used in this outstanding routine secret for the past 200 years!

Using a borrowed shuffled pack of playing cards any spectator names any number from one to fifty-two. The cards are separated into two piles and the spectator freely selects a card from one pile – remembers its name & then mixes it himself into the other pile.

Now follows a bit of fun where you try to make the card disappear from the packet although the spectator can check for himself that it really is there at all times.

The spectator takes the assembled pack and counts down to the freely chosen number – impossible as it may seem – and this may even fool you the performer – the freely selected card is discovered at the freely selected number!

*Neither the card nor the chosen number is forced.
*The pack is completely unprepared and may be borrowed, freely shuffled, cut and mixed etc.
*No sleight of hand is required mostly it happens in the spectator’s own hands.

Comes with the special secret something, that is never seen by the audience, and Blake’s masterly routine.

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