Q5+ Pocket Card Index System

Q5+ Pocket Card Index System

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This is a secret gimmick that enables you to produce a playing card – any of the 52 in a deck - in an instant. Its application to card magic or mental effects are many and varied.

Performers familiar with the Q5 Pocket Index devised by Patrick Page will know what to expect. This is the system described by Tony Corinda in his 13 Steps to Mentalism book (available on our website).

With very little practice you will be able to quickly, instantly and without fumbling, gain secret access to a duplicate of ANY selected playing card that a spectator cares to choose or name!

The wonderful feature of this model is that it is of a much sturdier construction, from durable rigid plastic film, instead of ordinary board. It also has an expanding spine feature that makes them easier to work with.

Q5+ pocket index system will make a whole range of fascinating and apparently uncanny effects possible and with very little effort on your part. This superior design will fit comfortably inside your jacket or trousers' pockets, no it is not the old fashioned bulky index of yesteryear, Page designed this system for the modern smartly dressed performer offering you both speed and certainty at EVERY performance!

Its special advanced design takes away all that fumbling and guesswork and delivers to you the EXACT card you need in seconds.

Comes with two specially made card indexes (approx 5.25" x 2.75", 13.5 x 7cm), instructions and suggested routines including Any Card Called For. Use your own cards in standard bridge or poker size.

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