Card At Any Number with a Borrowed Pack! - Mr e

Card At Any Number with a Borrowed Pack! - Mr e

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The effect: Your spectator thinks of any playing card in a pack of fifty-two. After showing his choice around the pack is shuffled so no other person can know the exact location of the selected card.

Now the spectator (or another spectator if you prefer) merely thinks of any number between one and fifty.

You count the cards out loud and down one by one and he calls stop at his freely and mentally chosen number. He names his card and takes the card himself at the selected number – it is the very card he has just named!

The borrowed pack can now be handed for examination and you can execute other effects with it straight away.

You can now perform this brilliant effect close-up, cabaret, TV or stage and with any borrowed pack of cards with no advance set-up – just take the pack and away you go.

You will learn this in less than thirty minutes and then perform it for life.

I do want to keep this exciting routine fairly exclusive as at the time of writing I use it a lot myself; so please don’t buy it unless you are willing to keep the secret strictly to yourself!

Full secret is explained in our 4-page booklet. Use your own cards.

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