Spring Wand metal

Spring Wand metal

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Spring Wand is a comedy or gag item (similar to the classic Breakaway Wand) but with much greater comedy potential.

It is a strong spring with screwed on plastic ends to simulate a magic wand, when held in the middle it can be used as a regular rigid magic wand. Wave it over your props and it stays rigid.

However, if you hold one of the tips and wave it, the Spring Wand wobbles around as if it were made of rubber. A very slight movement can make the tip at the opposite end go around in circles or flap up and down in a most hilarious manner!

Hand it to a spectator by one end and it droops and flaps about to the delight of all. Its mad behaviour is a guaranteed laughter maker.

Fold it up in your pocket, hat or bag and produce it as a full size magic wand whenever you need it. Highly recommended as an amusing novelty in your show or close-up routine. Children love its unpredictable antics.

Comes with Spring Wand (approx 17", 43cm long) & instructions.

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