Mind-Blank - Mre

Mind-Blank - Mre

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“Have you ever had your mind just go blank?” you ask your audience. Many of those present will admit that they have.

“I will show you what happens at that moment in time – it is like a magic spell has been cast over your mind!” You claim, laying or fanning out a row of playing cards for the volunteer to select one.

“Think of the position in the row that your card occupies and then just make your mind a blank!” you direct. They do so and the card is indicated.

All the cards are shown – but theirs is the only BLANK - just like the rest of your audience’s minds will be when you show them this low-price winner!

No sleight of hand to practice, just words, simplicity and the apparent power of mind over matter!

Comes complete with quality Bicycle poker sized playing cards & instructions.

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