Last Card

Last Card

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A wooden stand with three differently coloured circles is shown together with an examined and audience shuffled pack of cards. A playing card is now selected and then mixed back in again.

The pack is cut into halves and a spectator indicates one half. The selected half is again cut into two packets and once more a portion is selected.

These remaining cards are now cut and placed onto the stand in three different packets, one to each coloured circle.

To avoid any manipulation of the cards a spectator chooses one of the colours and the other two packets are eliminated. The cards at the selected colour are distributed around the stand with one card at each circle.

Two more colours are now eliminated and the cards taken away leaving just a single card on the stand. The chosen card is named and the spectator themselves can turn around the final card – it is the very self same chosen card!

Alternatively, cards can be eliminated until only one card remains and you have predicted the name of that very card in advance. No switch of the prediction, which can be held in full view throughout by a spectator.

Comes complete with cards, quality made stand & instructions.

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