Spell of Mystery Revisited

Spell of Mystery Revisited

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‘Spell of Mystery’ has been a firm favourite with me ever since I discovered it. Over time I have developed my own variations that have been used extensively in my close-up and parlour type performances to outstanding effect!

You show a full pack of regular fifty-two playing cards to be well mixed and pass these to a spectator with the request that he cut the pack at any point and take two cards, concentrating on them. Please note the cards are not forced and are different every time.

The rest of the pack is handed to another spectator who holds them face downwards between the palms of her own hands. You ask the first participant to concentrate on the selected cards and, apparently reading their mind, you reveal what the cards are – let us say these are the Eight of Hearts and the King of Spades.

Next you allow the participant to make the name of a third playing card using the two selected cards. Thus in our example they could decide on either the Eight of Spades or the King of Hearts – again it is the participant’s own free choice. Whatever card name they do so freely and you allow the participant to spell this card a letter at a time; and then incredibly the card thus arrived at is the very card they have just spelled out loud!

Remember the two cards were NOT forced and will be different every-time.

Alternatively you can arrive at the card by spelling a magic word or using either the participant’s or your own name – it really is astounding and yet so very easy to do once you know the clever secret.

The pack can then be used in other effects of your choice, because it really is just a pack of fifty-two playing cards, no marking or duplicate cards are used.

No complicated mathematics hidden prompters, sleights or anything similar is involved. Guaranteed to fool both lay audiences and magicians alike.

Use your own pack of cards – we supply clear easy-to-follow instructions in the Mr. 'E' booklet so that you can perform this miracle effect immediately!


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