Jumbo Chopstick Cards

Jumbo Chopstick Cards

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Jumbo Chopstick Cards is an unusual effect with a truly surprising way of revealing a freely chosen card!

You display 10 jumbo size playing cards all of which are different. The cards can be examined and freely shuffled. The only thing special about their large size is that they have two holes going right through all the cards, so you explain that this is your “holey card trick!”

Any spectator freely selects any one of the cards, no force or restrictions of any kind. They note the chosen card and replace it among the others, when they are once again freely shuffled together.

You now introduce a chopstick, which can also be examined, and then this is passed through one of the holes. The cards now hang down freely on the chopstick.

At your command and entirely under your control, one card slowly rises up from amongst the others – it is the spectator’s freely selected card!

Very easy to do with the jumbo cards and chopstick that we supply, this out of the ordinary effect comes complete and ready to perform a few minutes after you read the instructions.

Jumbo Chopstick Cards is perfect for table-hopping, street magic, cabaret or stage. Children love it!

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