Key Vision

Key Vision

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This is a mystifying and entertaining close-up effect for walkabout, close-up, street & cabaret performers with a fantastic finish.

You show the key to your hotel room which is always left in full view of the audience. You do not touch it at any time in the routine.

You explain that you are always trying to get away from the wife for a few days, but she is a witch and can always discover not only the hotel that you are staying at, but the very room number that you are in.

A lady from the audience is encouraged to act as your wife (or as an adoring fan). She is given some laminated cards with numbers on them. These she mixes and forms four numbers.

The selected numbers are totalled together – let us say that they add up to eighteen.

Using these she looks up the hotel at that number on a hotel list. Let’s say she ends up with the GRAND HOTEL.

The key is picked up by any member of your audience (no switch, sleights, or funny moves) who reads out loud the permanently laser engraved words upon the tag ‘GRAND HOTEL ROOM 18’! A truly amazing effect!

Yes, it is a fast, straightforward and effective way of performing Jonathan Neal Brown’s wonderful trick ‘Room Service’ but without any lengthy preparation, writing down of numbers, impressions or special gimmicks.

You are just going to love the straightforward methods involved.

The completely functional props will easily fit into your pocket and are always ready to perform, as no advanced set up is required. Easy to do. A positive WINNER that you will always enjoy performing.

Comes complete with a stylish deluxe key tag, number cards, laminated hotel list, & instructions.

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