Bicycle Cheek-to-Cheek - Douglas Hood

Bicycle Cheek-to-Cheek - Douglas Hood

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Here is a feature effect that you will love to perform; your audiences will say that it is JUST NOT POSSIBLE!

You show a pack of playing cards and then reverse half of them and shuffle it into the other half of the face down pack with their faces upwards.

Now you spread the deck across a table where it is seen that the cards are well mixed together some face upwards and some face downwards.

While your back is turned any spectator takes any face up card and turns it face down and then reinserts it back into the spread of cards at any point they wish and then gathers the pack together.

At this point you have not touched the pack and simply direct the spectator what to do from a distance. The spectator is instructed how to engage in a magical ritual concerning their selected card and then he spreads the pack back across the table – two amazing things have now happened and remember the cards were in the spectator’s hands up to this point:

Unexpectedly the pack has magically righted itself – all the cards are now back upwards. That is all except the freely chosen card, which is now the only face up card in the pack!

In an alternative presentation two or three cards are selected and shuffled into the pack. Suddenly the pack goes haywire and quite chaotic, as the cards have now magically become mixed both faces up and backs upwards throughout!

You then give the pack a single flick and once more they are all showing backs upwards throughout again, except the chosen cards that are now the only two cards facing upwards!

Absolutely no sleights or skill required. This is an up to the minute effect at a down to earth price. Note: Eddie Burke purchased all marketing rights to Douglas Hood’s effects. No other dealer has the right to market this or any other Hood’s Hood Wink tricks. All rights reserved.

Comes with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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