Lucky Card

Lucky Card

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An unusual presentation of the ‘Open Prediction’ theme that knocks audiences for six whenever you perform it.

You show a playing card, let’s say it is the King of Diamonds, and explain that this is your very special lucky card. The King of Diamonds has a blue back.

A spectator shuffles a red pack of cards to their heart’s content and then starts to deal the cards one by one – turning each card face upwards as he does so.

At any time he likes he deals one card face downwards for you and then the rest of the pack is spread faces upwards – each and every card is seen showing that it is a genuine pack (and it really is!).

When the freely chosen red-backed card is matched with your blue-backed lucky card – it proves to be its exact mate the King of Diamonds!

Use your own regular decks we recommend Bicycle decks, but also tell you how to perform Lucky Card with other types of playing cards.

Perfect for pocket or stand-up. Always ready to perform, no special skill required, free choice of any card. No rough & smooth or sticky stuff, spectators choice is a free one, easy to do requiring just a little handling practice, highly recommended.

Comes with instructions & special something, the “lucky card” can also be changed for repeat performances.

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