Professional Six-Card Repeat (with Jumbo size cards)

Professional Six-Card Repeat (with Jumbo size cards)

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This superb classic effect is now made even better with
Eddie Burke’s professionally designed cards.

One of the finest stand-up card tricks ever invented is without doubt Tommy Tucker’s Six Card Repeat. Visual magic with an appealing patter story and a surprising comedy ending.

Eddie says, “I honestly don’t think I can improve on Tommy’s classic presentation. But I do feel that I have improved the special set of cards supplied, making for a smoother and easier handling”.

You slowly count one by one; six playing cards from hand to hand. Three cards are now counted away and dropped into your pocket. You should have just three cards left.

But when the cards are again counted individually – it is seen that you still have SIX cards left!

Again three of the cards are thrown away – yet when the remaining cards are counted – you still have SIX cards left.

The effect is IMMEDIATELY repeated – six cards counted from hand to hand – three cards thrown away – and you still have SIX cards left!

With the special cards we supply, you can again repeat the effect – only this time you throw away three cards and count them to show just THREE CARDS. Yet the next time you count them; you have SIX cards left yet again!

You are going to love performing this with our newly designed set of cards, which make this superb effect so very simple to do.

It has all the appearance of clever and skilled sleight of hand, yet you will learn the full routine in no time at all.

Comes complete with special jumbo sized cards, routine & instructions.

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