Coins to Pocket - KDC

Coins to Pocket - KDC

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Ken de Courcy published the first version of this effect in The Magigram magazine. Since then, de Courcy has added a different finish and a patter routine, he used it for three years running in the close-up room of the Magic Castle, in Hollywood USA.

De Courcy uses the routine in two ways – either as a programme item or in any impromptu situation. As the title suggests, the plot is similar to the classic Cards to Pocket, but performed with coins.

Four large coins magically pass from you left hand into your right jacket pocket, one at a time. This employs elementary sleight of hand, but you will find it is easy to do and a useful addition to your repertoire.

We are not going to give the applause-pulling finish here, but promise it is a winner!

Use your own coins and other items. All is revealed in de Courcy's booklet.

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