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Here is a delightful effect by Ken de Courcy that features an element of danger. It is also one of those rare items you can perform anywhere at anytime, yes, even over the telephone or, as de Courcey did, on the radio with a listener.

A spectator lays out three articles in any order on the table. These are a wristwatch, a pair of spectacles and a bunch of keys. You are in another room or have your back turned during the entire proceedings. You have no idea of the order the items have been placed in.

Following your instructions, the spectator changes the articles about and you then instruct him to pick up one of the items by its position and then drop it onto the floor.

Magically, you have directed him to drop the bunch of keys, leaving the watch and the spectacles safely on the table. How could you possibly know? That’s what Ken will tell you in this manuscript – together with two other presentations. We have used this ourselves to very great effect and you will love it!

Full secret to be discovered in the Ken de Courcy manuscript.

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