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Here is a trick from the pen of Ken de Courcy for the card effect enthusiast that we predict will find its way into lots of magical programmes.

Only an ordinary pack of playing cards and a paper bag are used – nothing else except a little enjoyable practice.

The effect is very straightforward; a mentally selected card appears in a previously examined empty paper bag!

Just a couple of interesting points:
*Your audience sees the mentally selected card pushed into the pack while a spectator is holding the examined sack.
*Moments later the freely selected card is found inside the bag still held by the spectator and it can even be marked as no extra duplicate cards are used – just the usual pack of fifty two.
*Can be performed with a borrow pack and a borrowed paper sack.
*The card is not forced and is a free mental selection.

Full de Courcy patter, routine & instructions are explained in the booklet.

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