BMS Wrist Tie

BMS Wrist Tie

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Probably the quickest release and re-secured wrist tie ever invented.

Any member of the audience tightly ties both your wrists together with a single length of rope. Your hands can either be tied behind your back or in front of your body.

Scarcely has the participant finished pulling the knots tight when he receives a tap on his shoulder from one of your hands. Immediately your hands can be inspected and they are still tightly tied together!

Now follows several variations on this theme. This remarkable method properly presented will produce loads of fun & laughter from your audience, as well as being the BEST possible means where your hands are apparently securely tied and yet you need to make an instant escape.

Only one length of rope is used and the audience can even supply this. Nothing else is required. Surprisingly easy-to-do. Not to be confused with the Kellar or other rope ties – no skill is required save that of presentation.

All is revealed in our 12-page picture-illustrated instruction booklet.

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