C.R. Cabaret Cards Across (standard size)

C.R. Cabaret Cards Across (standard size)

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You show ten red-faced jumbo playing cards counting them and showing the back and front of each card. An audience member seals these into an examined empty envelope. Please note: Once these cards have been freely shown, no extra cards are added to this packet.

A second set of black-faced cards is also freely shown and three of these are selected and then remembered by the entire audience. These cards are also sealed into an envelope and held by a second spectator.

Now follows your magic, magic and more magic! The first audience member opens the envelope containing the black cards and the cards are counted out aloud – there are only seven; the three chosen cards are missing. Cards and envelope can be closely examined.

The second audience member now opens the envelope containing the red cards and the cards inside are counted – there are now thirteen cards in this set.

When the cards are shown it is seen that the three selected black cards are the ones that have magically passed from one sealed envelope to the other without a clue to how this all happened!

Comes with standard-sized unfaked cards and instructions.

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