Astounding Prediction

Astounding Prediction

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Subtle mentalism at its best yet easy-to-do could almost be Eddie’s trade mark. When you present this incredible effect your audience could be forgiven for thinking it is genuine mind control as the mechanics are so straight forward!

You show a large A5 size sealed envelope and claim it contains your prediction together with a well-mixed pack of Bicycle poker size playing cards fanning them for all to see. The envelope is given to a spectator who holds it flat like a tray. The pack may be further shuffled and mixed.

Another spectator is invited to call “Stop” as you deal cards one by one face down onto the envelope. He can now choose the last card dealt, the one in your hand or the next card from the pack (no magician’s choice, they are free to take any one) the selected card is now placed face down onto the second spectator’s hands.

You show the other two rejected cards to be different, you turn the cards on the envelope face up to show they are well mixed and you spread or deal out the cards in the pack showing these as well.

The envelope is opened and your jumbo card is removed back to the audience and the spectator turns over the chosen card – you turn over the jumbo card and both exactly match!

Astounding Prediction is a subtle and convincing effect suitable for cabaret or close-up performance.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards, envelopes, jumbo prediction cards & instructions including an extra idea by Michael Symes.

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