Jumping Silk on Rope

Jumping Silk on Rope

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Similar to the popular Monkey Bar effect, a silk knotted onto a rope jumps from one end to the other and then finally to the middle!

Can easily be carried in your pocket but makes a big display and though mechanical in its working, everything can be tossed out to the audience at the finish to examine for themselves.

You display a length of red rope that has been dyed in three places along its length, so that when tied it makes three yellow knots. Tied to the knot at the right end is a small coloured silk handkerchief.

You pass the rope behind your back and when you display it again the silk has jumped over to the knot on the left “by magic” or so you claim!

It goes behind your back again and the silk jumps back to the knot on your right. You can milk this for all it is worth, the audience will be telling you that you are just turning the rope from end to end.

You appear offended at being accused of cheating. You pass the rope behind you back very briefly once more and this time the silk has jumped to the knot in the middle!

Immediately you can toss everything to the audience who can examine everything without a clue to the secret.

Comes complete with rope, silk & instructions.

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