Tricky Bottles

Tricky Bottles

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This mini sized Tricky Bottles and Tubes are a real treat to perform, small enough for your close-up work and yet large enough for parties and parlour magic!

This amazing trick will keep your spectators guessing if the bottle is right way up or upside down in a game of unique copycat.

Show two small bottles and two small tubes into which the bottles just fit. Put your bottle into your tube upside down and the spectator does the same with his bottle. Turn your tube upside down and the spectator does the same. Repeat this twice more – the spectator following your moves exactly – your bottle is still the right way up while the spectator’s bottle is upside down.

This superb effect can now be repeated several times – each time your bottle is one way – while the hapless spectator’s bottle is always the opposite way. Swop bottles with each other and it still works – it’s hilarious fun!

Present it as a new type breathalyser test or just simply as fantastic magic! Ideal for both adults and children’s shows.

Comes with everything you need; the trick is almost self-working. The bottles are labelled as Uncle Rob’s Root Beer and come together with an easy basic routine by Rob Stiff, but you will soon be adding your own variations on this clever effect. Tubes measure a little under 12cm long.

Sooth your magic thirst with Uncle Rob’s Original Root Beer Trick by ordering your set today!

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