Phil Deck, BLANK with booklet

Phil Deck, BLANK with booklet

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This is a super BLANK version of the popular Phil trick.

A spectator merely thinks of a playing card. You are able to name it in a humorous and mind-boggling way - Phil!

Every other card is shown to have a different name printed boldly onto its back. Yet with the clever principle involved no matter which card they think of it will be Phil!

With this special pack and the booklet of instructions you can turn this NEW deck into a tool that will work exactly right for you!

You can customise your own routines to suit a particular name, product or theme making the trick even more memorable.

The booklet supplied includes some great ideas by
Dan Garrett, Obie O'Brien, Mark Zacharia, Joe Vecciarelli, James Songster and more.

Comes complete with the special pack of playing cards and booklet.

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