Coin-Cidence - Mr E

Coin-Cidence - Mr E

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A fabulous prediction using three borrowed coins (can also be performed with three different coloured Poker Chips).

This is a superb effect for table-hopping, street and close-up magic. Very easy to do but it has a devastating effect on any audience.

Dropping a small envelope on the table in full view you borrow three coins from your audience – let’s say a 50p, a £1 and a £2 coin. (Please note any three different coins can be borrowed of any denomination, you are not limited to UK currency).

The three borrowed coins are placed in a row on the table and any spectator is given a free choice of any one of the coins, no force is used – they really do have a free choice.

The envelope is opened and its contents shaken out onto a spectator’s open hand – you have correctly predicted the spectator’s free choice!

·Can be presented with “invisible coins” for the selection.
·Present it as a prediction or mind-control.
·No switches of the prediction envelope.
·Simple, direct and stunning!
·Only ordinary everyday properties are used.
·Very easy to do – almost self-working.

Comes with our Mr E booklet. Use your own properties.

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