Mini Change Bag (pocket size) - No Handle

Mini Change Bag (pocket size) - No Handle

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The Change Bag is an invaluable accessory for any magician. Most standard bags are rather large so we offer you here our fantastic Mini Change Bag which is a much smaller prop and more in tune with smaller items you may use.

Compact enough to carry in your pocket but perfectly workable for your own silks, rope, ribbons, paper slips & banknotes and solid items about the size of a pack of cards or cigarettes.

By having your silks or other items in the bag to start with its use in a routine could be quite natural and logical.

Ideal for vanishing, producing and changing small items, our Mini Change Bag is well made with a wooden ring and soft velvet bag.

The prop is handle free for greater convenience.

Comes complete with instructions.

Only £12.50

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