Five-Million Dollar Trick

Five-Million Dollar Trick

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"'Your Five Million Dollar Trick makes me feel like a Dollar Millionaire every time i perform it. They really sit up and take notice every times I perform it!" R. White USA

With this effect we give you five million Dollars – and what’s more it appears to be REAL money – consider this great routine: You show a pack of playing cards and as you shuffle them you invite a spectator to have a little gamble with you – for five million dollars!

That’s when you introduce five USA 'bills' each worth one Million Dollars – they can inspect them and they appear very real!

You also show a prediction on which you bet $1 Million placing this to one side in full view. The other $4 million you will bet on your lucky cards – for example the four Aces.

In the stunning routine that follows the spectator deals the pack face down stopping on any card and you bet $1 Million on whichever card they stop at – in this way four cards are freely chosen and each one has a million dollars placed upon it – the excitement grows and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

The cards are now removed and shown one by one – they are all one of your lucky cards in our example the four Aces –so the spectator loses and you get to keep your four million dollars.

There is just one last chance for the participant to win – your prediction – if you are wrong they get to keep the last $1 million-Dollar note.

We are not going to give the climax away at this point – sufficient to say that when your prediction is revealed it really knocks them for six bringing five million dollars worth of instant applause to the Million-Dollar Magician that you are!

Comes complete with five One Million Dollars banknotes, originally only available to members of the Millionaires’ Club, (sorry, you won’t be able to spend them or change them at any bank), quality playing cards & instructions.

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