Wanderful Lift-Off

Wanderful Lift-Off

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You place your magic wand across two mugs, opaque glasses or clear tumblers and lift and the mugs or tumblers magically cling to the wand in a strange and mysterious manner!

Although there have been similar "anti-gravity" effects in the past this special mechanical wand has many advantages. There is no secret clip over your thumb and the glasses or mugs are suspended at a considerable distance away from the hand holding the wand.

The glasses or mugs are unprepared and can even be borrowed. You can use most lightweight plastic glasses or mugs or even disposable vessels like Styrofoam cups and beakers. Items made of real glass are NOT suitable for this effect.

You can make the mugs hang below the wand or balance on the top.

The wand supplied is self contained with the mechanisim built into it so it cannot be examined. Looks like a real wand and is made of metal. This effect is NOT suitable for juveniles.

The photograph illustrates exactly what the audience will see. A new and novel effect at a low affordable price.

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