Animal Hunter

Animal Hunter

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A disc is displayed with seven different animals on it. A spectator is asked to think of ANY of the animals.

You turn the disc over and tap the holes under the animals in a random order with the tip of a pencil. The spectator is asked to secretly spell the name of his selected animal with one tap for each letter and call out STOP when the complete name has been spelt.

For example if they had thought of Zebra, they would mentally spell Z-E-B-R-A with one letter for each tap, calling stop on the fifth tap.

With the pencil point in the hole the spectator stopped you at the disc is turned over to show that you have stopped under the selected animal!

This is a classic easy to do novelty that you can carry in your pocket and is always ready to perform.

Comes with the printed disc (approx 3.5" in diameter) & instructions.

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