Comedy Funnel

Comedy Funnel

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A splendid classic of magic, if it's laughter you're after then Comedy Funnel is for you!

Have someone drink a glass of water. Now ask him to pump his arm up and down as you touch the funnel to various parts of his body and he spouts a "leak" wherever you touch him. Hilarious with either a small boy or a grown man.

Call a spectator up on stage and say you are going to "Brain wash" him. Pour soapy water into one ear with the help of a Milk Jug through the Funnel.

Then hold the Funnel at his other ear and pump his arm up and down - out comes the water from the other side of his head. If the water comes out black (a little dye in the glass will do this) you can explain that this means the man has a dirty mind!

Loads of other ideas will suggest themselves to you with this classic comedy prop. Endlessly versatile.

Comes with sturdy Comedy Funnel & instructions.

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