Card or Note in Orange or Lemon

Card or Note in Orange or Lemon

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This classic effect is seldom seen these days and would prove to be a distinct novelty trick to feature in your show.

It ranks very strongly with the card in cigarette or banknote in egg, but without the problems and it is also much easier to do!

In the playing card version: A card is selected by an audience member and retained. Three oranges are passed for inspection and another audience member chooses one of these, which they put into an ordinary unfaked paper bag that is held by them throughout the effect in full view.

Next the card is torn into little pieces and these are placed into a small box, which is then wrapped into a handkerchief.

Regardless of this the pieces, with the exception of one corner, mysteriously leave the box at your command and when the orange is cut in halves the missing card, with the exception of the one piece, has restored itself INSIDE THE SELECTED ORANGE and the missing piece exactly matches its place in the card!

The banknote version: A banknote is borrowed from an audience member who takes its number down, writing it on a piece of paper. At your command the note vanishes and is found inside the selected orange or lemon when this is cut open – the spectator checks the number on the banknote to discover it is the self-same number that they wrote down earlier!

Also explained is a version in which the borrowed banknote can be signed at the start of the effect by the owner. Easy to do and good enough to eat!

All is revealed in our 5-page paperback booklet. Utilises everyday properties so you can use your own.

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