Bare Hand Dice Production

Bare Hand Dice Production

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This is a set of six pop-up dice that you produce apparently from thin air or from the pages of a book, a card case, wallet or a small coin purse which only seems large enough to hold one die making the production of six dice seem impossible!

These dice fold absolutely flat measuring approx 1.27" x 2.50". Load them into your production prop or steal them into your hand and then release them one at a time or all at once for a truly amazing production!

When produced they each measure approx 1.27" on each of their six sides.

The dice can be loaded into the pages of a large hardback book or many other suitable places - for example a Poker size card case will hold two stacks of three dice.

You will find many novel and unusual ways to use these clever dice - they make an excellent finish to any close-up or table-hopping routine.

Comes with the six multicoloured dice & instructions.

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