Paper to Flowers

Paper to Flowers

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Although the transformation of pieces of torn multicoloured tissue to a bouquet of flowers is a great classic effect with fantastic visual impact, very few magicians put it into their act because of the set-up involved. We have now produced this colourful trick as a ready to work item involving negligible preparation.

We supply a bunch of two-dozen Spring Flowers (normal price £4.50 per dozen total £9.00 - see elsewhere) these are attached to a special board holder with an elastic band. This same bunch of Spring Flowers can be used again and again.

Also supplied are fifteen sets of coloured paper which will enable you to perform the effect fifteen times. You can than make up more sets of paper refills yourself or we can supply refills at low cost.

The last sheet in each set of papers (the green one matching the leaves of the flowers) is in fact a paper bag.
The flowers are folded and anchored to the board and this is placed inside the paper bag, stack the set of papers together and you are all ready to perform.

We have done all the hard work for you so that you can perform Paper to Flowers in minutes and take the applause with which this very effective paper tear is always greeted!

Only £9.99

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