Cindy's Shoes

Cindy's Shoes

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Here is a low-cost fun trick for your children’s and family shows that is BIG in effect but takes up very little room in your show bag.

With a simple to understand plot and a story that pulls on the heartstrings, this effect lends itself to a truly great fun presentation that your audience are going to love.

Cindy has been invited to a grand ball where she is to meet the handsome Prince Charming – she has a lovely gown to wear, but when she takes her satin shoes out of the cupboard – oh dear, the moths have been busy and have eaten large holes into them and not only that but the shoes are the wrong colour anyway...

It is time that the children’s magic comes to the rescue. You show several different coloured ribbons – there is some fun in counting them as you keep getting the numbers wrong but eventually all is sorted out. One of the ribbons is selected but what is this, the selected ribbon has vanished without a trace!

The children now have fun pretending to repair and colour the shoes to match Cindy’s ball gown – this is Magic Colouring with an important purpose – Magic words are uttered – wands waved and there is all the usual fun business of trying to make the magic work.

Eventually the shoe picture is shown and not only have the shoes been repaired, no sign of any holes in them now, but they have also been coloured to match Cindy’s beautiful gown – the missing ribbon has been formed into two lovely bright bows that take pride of place one on the front of each shoe.

You are going to be proud to include Cindy’s Shoes in your show as it has all the elements of a first class routine, fun, pathos, magic and final triumph – you just cannot go wrong with this item.

Comes complete with large laminated picture cards, colourful ribbons, A4 switching window envelope & instructions.

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