Omega Reel - Odd Bin Item

Omega Reel - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. The Omega Reel is the last reel that you will ever buy! Now that's a pretty big statement. But, if Precision Magic can back up that claim, then they just might have something most Magicians would use. So what's their proof?

Just ask yourself one simple question: what are the drawbacks of most ITR?
If you loose the gaff it's sometimes hard to fish the end back out.
If your run out of gaff it is difficult to restring.
Some ITR's limit the distance the gaff will come out before snapping.
Difficulty in repairs in most cases.
Hard to find repair items. *(internal elastics)
Limited to one colour gaff.
Concealment issues.
Stationary anchors *(both ends)
ITR is too big or too small.
Standard hook-ups
Usually lots of noise.
Batteries run out!

The Omega Reel is a highly mobile quality IETR that overcomes all the obstacles listed above.

Omega Reel comes complete containing 1 Omega Reel with Black Silk Worm I.E.T and 1 extra internal elastic. 1 in stock.

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