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About Our Privacy Policy

Product ID: 3581

A summary of our Privacy Policy The key information detailed in our Privacy Policy is as follows: What information do we collect? We normally collect personal information e.g. name and address, email address and telephone number and other relevant...

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About our Terms of Business - please read before ordering

Product ID: 2668

Our aim is to give you our very best service and the largest selection of items possible at highly competitive prices. We only supply these to people who have a genuine interest in magic & not to people who just want to find out how it is done. From y...

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About Overseas Mail - Please read before ordering.

Product ID: 2175

ATTENTION OVERSEAS BUYERS: Since shipping costs are determined by both weight and size, it is impossible to know the shipping costs to your country until your parcel is made up, weighed and sent. When you know what you wish to purchase, just CONTACT u...

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Aqua Change Vase

Product ID: 885

View a video here A handy utility prop which enables you to change liquid into solids! Show a fancy vase to be empty and a glass of liquid is poured into the vase, which is now covered with an empty cylinder...

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Catalogue latest

Product ID: 3679

Our NEW 40-page latest Catalogues is now ready and available FREE! It is packed with the latest marvellous magic to suit all tastes and abilities. Sorry only one copy per customer please. If you would like your very own copy then simply request it wi...

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Free Postage & Packing - Information only - please don't click

Product ID: 2916

FREE 2nd class postage & packing in the UK is available on certain magic items which can be found listed under 'Categories' and also under every Category on this website; we also clearly tell you which they are on each of these individual items. Shoul...

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Hollywood Confidential

Product ID: 2755

View a video here Hilarious fortune-telling in La-La Land. You offer your dazzling spectator a fun "Hollywood Fortune-Telling" reading to see if fame and success awa...

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Jumping Stud

Product ID: 3514

The perfect paddle trick where a metal stud on a rod jumps from the top to the bottom several times and then finally to the middle! No sliding or moving parts, shells, magnets or gimmicks. You display the rod with a metal stud at its end and the rod i...

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Marked Deck - Bicycle Design- Bridge size

Product ID: 3570

A marked deck of playing cards where you can tell the identity of every card simply from the back is one of the most useful card packs permitting you to perform literally hundreds of tricks. This quality Bicycle bridge sized Marked Deck is one of the...

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Merlin's Magic Hat - Giant A4 size

Product ID: 1386

This is a fabulous exclusive feature effect for your children and family shows by our very own Eddie Burke. Have you ever wondered why magicians pull rabbits from hats, well read on for the full story. Everything is illustrated by several giant...

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