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About Our Privacy Policy

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A summary of our Privacy Policy The key information detailed in our Privacy Policy is as follows: What information do we collect? We normally collect personal information e.g. name and address, email address and telephone number and other relevant...

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About our Terms of Business - please read before ordering

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Our aim is to give you our very best service and the largest selection of items possible at highly competitive prices. We only supply these to people who have a genuine interest in magic & not to people who just want to find out how it is done. From y...

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About Overseas Mail - Please read before ordering.

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ATTENTION OVERSEAS BUYERS: Since shipping costs are determined by both weight and size, it is impossible to know the shipping costs to your country until your parcel is made up, weighed and sent. Alternatively When you know what you wish to purchase...

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Daryl's Princess Card Trick

Product ID: 2159

This classic mystery of magic will baffle your audience and it's virtually self-working. A number of playing cards is fanned before a spectator's eyes and the spectator is asked to merely THINK of any one of the cards. At no time does he tell anyone,...

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Easily Influenced

Product ID: 2202

View a video here This super trick is great fun and very easy to do! Two cards are selected from an ordinary deck. Three Easily Influenced cards then duplicate the value of the first selection, before...

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Fooler Dooler DVD Catalogue Number 1

Product ID: 2118

This performance-only DVD showcases seven sensational products in the new Fooler Doolers line! See Daryl the Magician's Magician perform seven of his favourite tricks from his original Fooler Dooler. No explanations are given just great entertaining...

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Free Postage & Packing - Information only - please don't click

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FREE 2nd class postage & packing in the UK is available on certain magic items which can be found listed under 'Categories' and also under every Category on this website; we also clearly tell you which they are on each of these individual items. Shoul...

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Group Session with DVD

Product ID: 2103

Imagine having control over your audience! You, as the magician, cause your audience to magically locate cards, which have been merely THOUGHT OF, from a thoroughly shuffled deck! Absolutely astounding. Up to five spectators think of playing cards fro...

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Product ID: 2160

Here's a very strange effect that your spectators will not believe even after they've examined the playing card that you magically created right in front of their eyes! Two separate playing cards are selected & cleanly displayed on both sides. Slowly...

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Odd Quad with DVD and Cards

Product ID: 2158

View a video here A triple climax routine with a technicolor finish! Four aces are shown and one is selected by a spectator. The chosen ace is shown to be "odd" because...

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Ordering Information

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1) Sending orders via PayPal. To order, simply click on the Add To Cart button next to the items you want. 2) You will then be transferred to the PayPal processing website and asked for your name, credit card, email and phone information. Be sure to...

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Presto Printo with DVD

Product ID: 2119

Be sure to watch this stunning video: View a video here Daryl's own unique contribution to the "Wild Card" effect. This electrifying classic of magic can now be perfor...

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Telepathic Joker

Product ID: 2091

This mind-boggling mystery appears absolutely impossible, yet it is extremely easy to do (it's accomplished using a self-working mathematical principle) everything can be examined and it's automatically reset! A spectator freely cuts and hides a random...

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The Key Card - Daryl

Product ID: 1634

This mind-bending mystery was created by Ken Ring and is marketed exclusively by Daryl. This mathematical principle is so amazing I don’t even know how it works myself! Effect; A packet of playing cards is given to any spectator. The spectator merel...

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The Red Prediction

Product ID: 2251

You show six cards each of which contains a number from one through to six. You now write a prediction which is given to a spectator to hold. Please note your never again touch the prediction; it is safely kept by the spectator. The cards are mi...

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