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Alien Search

Product ID: 4047

Alien Search is an out of this world effect based on the theme of an extra-terrestrial and his flying saucer lost in outer space, two spectators are given the job to find them. Alien Search is perfect for the close-up, walkabout and stand-up entertainer,...

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Zodiac Code

Product ID: 4046

This is a first rate effect and can be a feature in your shows! A card is selected and replaced. You show several coloured paper bags that cover plastic glasses. Then you also show a board which carries the names and months of the year. A spect...

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Zenner Impossible

Product ID: 4045

You show a single laminated card on which are listed six ESP signs. Two of the symbols are freely chosen by the throw of an ordinary die by two spectators. You the mentalist draw on the back of your business card the two signs chosen before any choic...

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Half Die - Double Die - Table Hopping Pro Size cards

Product ID: 4044

A guaranteed laughter and mystery effect, as featured by the inimitable Tommy Cooper. Six playing cards are placed face down in a row, then a volunteer throws a die a few times and stops on any number when happy. The die is placed on top of one o...

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Aldo Colombini Count Down

Product ID: 4043

This is a stunner by the late Aldo Colombini. You place a small jumbo card back out in full view as your prediction, together with three numbers. A spectator lays out the numbers in any order (no force). The order of the numbers are used to deal...

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Can it be ESP? - JUMBO size

Product ID: 4042

One of the best matching card effects now with ESP cards. You show two sets of five ESP cards, each set has a different coloured back one red and the other blue. You explain that these are used in ESP matching experiments in which the chance of two...

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