Paradox Box

Paradox Box

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Here is a great item beautifully made to add to your close-up mentalism performances.

The effect is entirely "hands off" as you let a member of your audience do all the work!

Two brass canisters inside a black presentation box. With your back turned you always know what is happening without ever seeing it with your own eyes!

They can hide any small object of their own inside any canister and conceal all in the presentation box - yet without turning around you can correctly name in which coloured canister they have hidden the object!

*No mirrors
*No peeking
*No magnets
*No hairs, wires or threads. No way you could know and yet you do!

Comes with the quality presentation box (2.75 x 4" x 1.5"), canisters (1.25" x 1.25") One RED and one GREEN Paradox Box & instructions.

Only £22.95

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