Predict-A-Fruit - Jumbo size cards

Predict-A-Fruit - Jumbo size cards

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The perfect stand-up, colourful prediction effect.

Showing a number of jumbo sized display cards that you claim to have borrowed from your local fruit shop, you place one back side out in full view as your prediction.

The other five different fruit display cards are shown one by one to the audience and a spectator is invited to have a free choice and to simply think of any one of them (no force is used), thanks to the large cards the freely thought of fruit can be secretly chosen without the spectator having to leave their seat in the audience.

The picture cards are now discarded according to the participant’s instructions until you are left with a single picture - the one the spectator is merely thinking of.

You pick up your prediction card and display its other side to the audience and, “Wow - gosh” it is an exact duplicate the spectator is thinking of!

What a perfect prediction this is, at can be performed without anyone leaving their seat, ideal for any age group; children, teenagers, mums, dads and senior citizens. Use it as an opener warm up your audience, closer or at any point in your show.

Consider the following points:
No advance or special set-up required.
Packs flat in the bottom of your briefcase.
Very easy and straight forward to do.
No sleight of hand required.
Definitely a free choice - no force used.
Puzzles and entertains even other magicians.
Use it anywhere - anytime.
You could perform it in the nude (we do not recommend this).
Resets in one second.

Comes complete with laminated fruit picture cards (approx 8 x 5”, 20 x 12.5cms) & instructions. Fruit may vary from the ones shown.

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