Baffling Bra a.k.a. Comedy Brassiere Trick

Baffling Bra a.k.a. Comedy Brassiere Trick

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Two handkerchiefs are tied together and the knots are placed or held at the top of a lady's dress with the idea of passing the handkerchiefs through the young woman's body.

When the handkerchiefs are pulled out a BRASSIERE appears tied between the two handkerchiefs - a most startling appearance!

Alternatively a vanished silk handkerchief can also be found hanging from the bra (use your own silk handkerchiefs).

Baffling Bra is an easy to do, naughty but nice, guaranteed laugh-getter. Your female assistant won't believe her eyes. Why not use a man for the trick for extra hilarity.

Comes with special two colourful bandana style handkerchiefs set-up, appearing bra & instructions. Was £14.99

Only £9.99

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