Royal Weddings

Royal Weddings

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Here is a heart-warming card trick with a Royal Wedding theme that is just the ticket at the moment! One just needs to borrow a pack of playing cards or use one’s own & away you go!

To an amusing patter story three Kings decide to take on a spouse and each goes through a marriage ceremony that chooses their new bride by chance.

Amazingly the King of Hearts is married to the Queen of Hearts and even more amazement when the King of Diamonds is magically matched to the Queen of Diamonds.

Finally it is the turn of the King of Clubs – and we don’t want to give away the hilarious climax here but we can assure you it gets a big BIG reaction from your audience every time!

Alternatively, you can have the Queen of Clubs matching up with the King of Clubs for a truly Royal Match neatly tying the patter up with the forthcoming Royal Wedding of Meghan and Harry!

Only a few playing cards are used in this romantic routine and these can be taken from a borrowed pack or you can simply carry cards of your own around in your wallet or pocket ready to perform anywhere-anytime! Very easy to do, simple to reset and a guaranteed winner for close-up and walkabout situations. The effect can also be performed with jumbo or giant size cards for larger audiences.

Comes with the easy to understand routine, patter & instructions in our Exclusive Mr E booklet. Use your own cards.

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