Survival Magic DVD

Survival Magic DVD

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Simon Lovell's Survival Magic DVD is an absolute must-have item. You can learn magic that you can do anywhere, anytime and best of all no special props are required.

Imagine it's a horror moment - you are supposed to be performing but you've lost all your props. Having watched this DVD you'll never have that panic again!

Imagine walking in anywhere, anytime, any situation and being able to perform great magic for your audience.

Included on this DVD are some of the very best, no special props required, astonishments that can make you magic all the time.

So even when you have lost your luggage, forgotten your apparatus or are just put on the spot to do something spectacular, you will always be ready to stun the room.

Simon Lovell's live spectator performances and thorough teachings combined with his comedic style will keep you engaged, enthusiastic and endlessly entertained.

Thanks to Survival Magic and Simon's teaching, you will never have to worry about being stranded and magically naked before an audience - ever!

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