Genie in a Bottle

Genie in a Bottle

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You show a small Bottle which may be examined, together with a short piece of rope. You claim that there is an invisible Genie inside the bottle that will do your bidding.

You lower one end of the rope inside the bottle and tell your Genie to grab it - sure enough when you turn the bottle upside down the rope fails to drop out.

Telling your Genie to hold on tight you now take the protruding end of the rope and let the bottle go - it hangs suspended, clearly it must be held by the invisible Genie inside.

Warning the Genie to hang on tightly the bottle is now dramatically twirled in a large circle on the end of the rope to everyone's amazement.

All this however, has made your Genie cross and dizzy, so he refuses to do any more for you - the rope is once again free of the bottle and both it and the bottle can be examined -there is no sign of the Genie inside!

No magnets, threads or wires are used in this incredible effect that is very easy to do.

Comes complete with red plastic Bottle (approx 4.5", 11cm long) & instructions.

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