Puppet Mitt - Five Little Monkeys

Puppet Mitt - Five Little Monkeys

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By adding one or more of our favourite Song Puppet Mitts to your show - you can get ten minutes or more from any group of small children - and their mums and dads will join in the singing as well.

During the course of the singing you wear the glove or mitt on your hand, which illustrates each song and as each chracter is eliminated, you simply bend one finger down - it is great fun that everyone enjoys.

The song mitts each come with an A4 card with the song words written on it, which you can display to help the mums and the older children with the words - the little ones will then sing along with them and enjoy the puppet characters at the same time.

Audience-tested by Eddie, the children LOVED them, these song mitts are a sure-fire way of keeping young audiences throroughly entertained - no magic unless you want to vanish the Mitt at the finish of the song in some favourite prop.

We supply the following Favourite Song Mitts all of which are listed seperately on our website:
* Five Currant Buns
* Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day
* Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer
* Five Little Speckled Frogs Sat On A Speckled Log
* Ten in a Bed Roll Over
* Ten Green Bottles

We also supply the following Teaching Mitts ideal to teach young children in an entertaining way - these are also listed on our website each one seperately:
* Teaching Mitt - People Who help Us
* Teaching Mitt - Expressions
* Teaching Mitt - Five Portions a Day.

Order Puppet Mitt - Five Little Monkeys for fingers of fun for all ages!

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