Prediction Thirteen

Prediction Thirteen

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Thirteen jumbo playing cards are shown to be all different and only thirteen cards are used – there are no extra cards.

You now write a prediction on one card which is placed into an ordinary envelope. Please note: The envelope is unfaked and there are no hidden cards already inside it.

The other cards are shuffled and a spectator chooses any one of them in the fairest possible manner by the cards being dealt from top to bottom and the spectator calling stop at any time. This selection is entirely free and the spectator can stop you on any card they wish.

The selected card is also put into the envelope. Only two cards are in the envelope – no extras are involved.

When the two cards are checked you have exactly predicted the freely chosen card! A miracle type prediction!

No sleights and no clever moves. This is an easy to do effect that has stood the test of many, many performances by top magicians worldwide.

It is a trick that you will really enjoy performing.

Envelope, chosen card & prediction can be examined at the finish.

Comes with the thirteen mixed jumbo playing cards, envelope, marker pen & instructions.

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