Poker Chips and Die - Mre

Poker Chips and Die - Mre

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You display three different coloured Poker Chips & a single Die – nothing else is used in this easy-to-do close-up routine.

One of the three coloured poker chips are selected by an audience member and then anyone throws the die and numbers are added.

It would seem impossible for you to know the outcome in advance as everything seems so fair and above board, but that is exactly what you have done.

The two rejected poker chips are shown to be blank on both sides but the selected one when it is turned over has the exact total of the die written on it!

The trick uses well-tested classic methods so you will really enjoy performing it and baffling everyone. The routine we explain always turns this simple trick into a classic that you will always wish to perform.

You patter about Numerology and fate, giving a reading with the chosen numbers, so the trick really does appeal to the ladies as well as their male escorts.

Ideal for table-hopping as only simple properties are used and since no advance preparation is required it is always ready for you to perform.

Comes with three different coloured poker chips, a regular die & instructions.

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