Cigarette or Pencil Through Card - Od Bin itm

Cigarette or Pencil Through Card - Od Bin itm

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This is an outstanding close-up effect in which a spectator freely chooses any card from your Bicycle deck and also signs it on its face if you wish.

You then borrow a cigarette or a pencil and deliberately, visibly push this straight through the playing card in full view of everyone!

Where smoking is allowed you can also light up the cigarette while it is still penetrating the card or alternatively write with the penetrated pencil a mystic symbol onto a piece of paper or card.

An incredible effect!

Remove the cigarette rubbing the penetrated card which then becomes restored, you hand the unharmed card and cigarette back to the spectator still with his initials or marking intact.

Both the playing card and the cigarette or pencil can be left with the audience for examination.

A close-up effect this strong deserves you earnest attention if you want a close-quarter miracle that is easy to perform.

Comes with a specially constructed gimmick that matches a blue-backed Bicycle deck, & instructions.

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