Mystic Chips

Mystic Chips

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A coloured chip is placed into a sealed container. You then have the power to know the selected colour chip without seeing inside! Absolutely amazing!

A brass container with a lid and five coloured brass chips are shown.

With your back turned, the spectator places any of the coloured chips into the container and screws on the lid, then hides the four remaining chips in his hand or pocket.

You now turn around and using your "X-ray eyes" you claim to be able to see inside the the locked container and into the spectator's hand. You are now able to reveal the exact colour in the container and the colour of the four chips hidden in the spectator's fist!

This canny invention was inspired by the search for simplicity. Mystic Chips is dead easy to perform.

Comes complete with brass container with lid approx 1" high x 1"+ in diameter, five coloured brass chips approx .75" in diameter & instructions.

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