Racing Game

Racing Game

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Based on Tony Koynini's trick first published during the 1950s with variations later by Nick Frost; this is great fun with loads or audience participation and can easily be carried in your briefcase.

You show a laminated race track on which is printed the four suits hearts, spades diamonds and clubs. Three spectators each pick a suit each and place a coin or a small colourful car picture on it. You take the remaining suit.

A deck of cards is now shuffled playing cards are turned face up, one by one. Whichever suit is shown, the coin or car of the corresponding suit moves one square forwards on the track, until one coin or car wins by reaching the finish line first. You win twice and if using coins you swiftly pick up your winnings. (I always pay them back later).

The race is repeated a third time and this time you have not only won again but have also predicted the last winning playing card!

•Great FUN for everyone
•Very easy to do.
•A nice change from your other magic.

Comes with two sizes of racetrack (largest approx 11.75 x 8.5”, 30 x 21cms), four small pictures of cars, prediction envelope & instructions. Use your own unfaked playing cards and borrowed coins.

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