X-Ceptional Prediction

X-Ceptional Prediction

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Offering to show a spectator how to become a “predictionist” you have them draw a large black X on the front of an envelope – explaining that people first learning to sign their name start in this way and so it is with their first prediction.

From the envelope you now take out six playing cards running from Ace through to six and lay them in a face-up row.

A die is now shown and the spectator throws it a few times to prove that it is genuine – and it really is, the die is not faked or exchanged in any way.

The die is freely thrown by the spectator and the card represented by the number on the die is the one chosen.

The prediction card is shown to have a large X – matching the spectator’s prediction X on its back, while all the other cards can be shown to have no markings of any kind!

No spelling counts or sleights are used. Easy to do.

Comes with the die & instructions. Use your own cards and envelope.

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