Magic Palette

Magic Palette

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Not a routine by itself, but a magical prop you can use with many other colouring effects to enhance the routine.

The apparatus comprises of what appears to be a regular wooden artists' Palette, with six blobs of paint in different colours.

Just wave the Palette and the colours vanish, leaving six white (blank) spots in their place, with the vanished colours appearing in the book or what other magic painting prop you are using!

You can use this useful accessory with the Magic Colouring Book, Instant Art Pictures, or any colouring effect using silks, ribbons, liquids and so on.

You can also do this in reverse, having the colours reappear in place of the blank spots.

We supply the easy-to-use lightweight Artist's Palette and full instructions, use your own colouring book or other props. This item is shop soiled with slight cracks in the clear film that covers them. This doesn't stop them working and with care should give good service; but they are reduced in price for this reason. Was £8.50 now

Only £6.99

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