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Or the magician with the Bloodhound Nose!

This is a great comedy and mystery routine that is ideal for audiences of all ages, no matter whether you are working close-up, TV, cabaret or stage!

Talking about how animals have a sense of smell about 200 times greater than humans, you explain how you have developed your sense of smell by doing smelling exercises over a number of years and offer to give a demonstration.

You show a number of laminated picture cards of various smelly objects such as fish, socks, garlic and so on explaining that you can even smell the difference between these pictures.

The cards are mixed and someone chooses one. You touch your finger to the back of the card (no they are not marked and have plain backs) and then you smell your fingertip and immediately correctly reveal the malodorous item on the card.

This is repeated with a second free selection only this time the card is held between the spectator’s two hands – still you correctly locate the smell.

The effect is repeated a third time except that the spectator sits on his card – you take a sample of his breath by letting him blow on your finger and without hesitation reveal the smelly card he is sitting upon!

Smell-A-Roma is an unusual trick with loads of comedy possibilities, first released by Eddie with words cards instead of the smelly pictures. Now updated with laminated pictures it makes a truly colourful presentation.

Spectators can freely smell the cards without any clues to the method used.

No forcing or marked cards. Easy to do & supplied complete and ready to perform.

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