Mental Menu

Mental Menu

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You show a small collection of menus from your favourite restaurants and pass them to a spectator who is asked to choose any one item from the menus and to concentrate upon it – imagining the smell, taste and flavour of their freely chosen food.

Slowly as if reading their mind you can reveal exactly the item on the menus that they have freely chosen!

Repeat it immediately but this time the menus that contain their new choice of food can be hidden in their pocket so as to give you no clue and yet you can still reveal their choice exactly.

This little wonder has been baffling both magicians and laymen for a great many years and the special Menus that we supply have been made even more deceptive than ever before – they simply puzzle everyone with no clue to the mystery.

Ideal for close-up, walkabout or parlour and sold at an incredibly low price!

Comes complete and ready to work, the menus are pocket sized & laminated for long life, each contain eight selections of yummy food.

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